The scenario in Haiti was not always so bleak. Till the year 1925, Haiti had at least 60% of all its mountains and lands under forest cover. But the need for more and more energy prompted large-scale cutting down of trees with the effect that Haiti has only 1.4% of forest cover left now. Owing to a grave lack of proper reforms, the country faced severe shortage of electricity too, with the result that only 25% of the country's population enjoyed electricity in their homes.

This shortage naturally led Haitians to look for alternate sources of energy. Charcoal was the only plausible source available. To meet the growing demands of energy in Haiti, almost twenty million trees are felled every single year. This in turn renders almost 7,000 hectares of soil vulnerable to erosion on an annual basis. And yet, the demand for energy is not met!

Port Au Prince, the capital of Haiti alone consumes an average of 100,000 bags of charcoal every single month! Each bag of charcoal is equivalent to a 15 year old tree. Almost 70% of energy used for the purpose of cooking in this country is derived from charcoal and the remaining 30% from propane. These statistics clearly indicate the wide lacuna between the rate of deforestation in Haiti and that of reforestation or identifying alternative sources of clean energy.
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The progressive, destructive and frightining deterioration of environment in Fondation Seguin, in the Park Visit profoundly appalled us and gave us a sense of responsibility to engage and avoid this announced diaster before it is too much late.
Our Philosophy is very simple, even simplistic. It is necessary that we all get involved in the futureof our country in every relevant sector, particularly in programs to our environmental protection.   next page
  Location: Haiti
  Need: Adopting green innovative solutions
Fact: Poverty is Directly Linked to Deforestation
  Charcoal accounts for 70% of energy in Haiti
Today only 1.4% of Haiti's land remains forested