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Fondation Seguin and Solvatten join forces to launch The Green Haiti Project

Fondation Seguin, a Haiti Based environmental focus NGO And Solvatten, a Swedish company with a solar safe water system, have joined Forces to address Haiti's biggest challenges.
These two self sustainability driven entities share the vision of improving existing conditions of natural resources and support a better economic growth.

In this venture, Fondation Seguin will use the Green Haiti Project as a platform with its partners to achieve this ambitious long term goal.

The presence of Solvatten in the Green Haiti Project can be a significant boost to Haiti, a country that has been experiencing many environmental disasters. Misuse of natural resources contributes to some of the disasters and the country lacks the economic strength to withstand and recover from the destruction. Forest cover in the country has been reduced from 60% to less that 2% by savage and uncontrolled logging. Clean water is a scarcity and bottled water is a luxury which comes at an exorbitant price.

Against this backdrop, Solvatten, which was named as a WWF Climate Solver in 2009, can be of great help. Solvatten is a solar-powered water purification device with the potential to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 26 million tons per year by 2020. The technology harnesses heat and ultra-violet radiation from the sun to produce water that meets the WHO Guidelines for Safe Water ((E.colie <1/100ml)). With Solvatten quality of life is improved and we will progress towards the UN Millennium Development Goals.

About Fondation Seguin & Solvatten

Fondation Seguin was created by a group of young local professionals, and Haitians businessmen who want to get involved in development and future of their country.
"We want to live in a better country, a greener and better Haiti tomorrow. The progressive and frightening deterioration and destruction of the environment in Seguin, and particularly in the National Park "La Visite" profoundly appalled us and gave us a sense of responsibility to engage and avoid this announced disaster before it is too late. Our philosophy is very simple, even simplistic. It is necessary that we all get involved in the future of our country in every relevant sector, particularly in programs to our environmental protection."

The Solvatten unit is a portable, household item which treats and heats 11 liters of water when exposed to sunshine for 2-6 hours. The unit does not require chemicals or any energy-source apart from the sun to deal effectively with bacteria, viruses and parasites. If maintained well, each Solvatten unit will provide a household with ready access to safe and warm water for at least five years.

For more information please contact
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Executif Director
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David Wadström
Head of Communication
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