In the Seguin area, Parc La Visite, we propose to undertake a series of projects that all have the common goal of safeguarding, protecting, and rehabilitating the environment. These efforts are for the Haitian inhabitants of the region, as well as for foreign visitors.


Short Term

(3-12 months)

  • Establish the structures of the Foundation.
  • Mark the location and project sites.
  • Identify ways and means to complete objectives.
  • Search for additional local and international partners.
  • Establish operations personnel.

Medium Term

(12 to 24 months)

  • Establish improved childcare services for locals.
  • Rehabilitate the access road Furcy, Plateau of Seguin.
  • Establish a Soil Conservation Project (with the cultivation of bamboo.)
  • Strengthen cooperation with the FACN / Chinese Mission.
  • Establish nurseries, gardens, multipliers, barns, etc.
  • Train individuals for various start-up projects.
  • Strengthen our cooperation with the Haitian State.
  • Establish lasting relationships with local population associations and local committees.
  • Research and share local and international funding that is dedicated to protecting the environment.
  • Create a center for "Continuing Education" with educational materials and technology for farmers, foresters, specialists in bamboo, the Home Hotelier, etc.
  • Organize events of cultural and artistic interest for prospective members who wish to join the Foundation, locals, partners, and potential investors in projects of the Foundation.
  • Organize circuit distribution and marketing products.
  • Actively promote the Foundation.


(24 months & more)

  • Establish a permanent presence in the Park, the Plateau, the Gardens, etc.
  • Increase accommodation within the Park.
  • Establish stable and consistent Financing Options.
  • Continue to strengthen relations with the Haitian State.
  • Strengthen the Regional Structure of Peasant Associations.
  • Enlarge the ways and means of expanding cover and soil conservation.
  • Continue to evaluate the effectiveness of projects and their methods.
  • Refine the Goals Foundation.
  Location: Haiti
  Cause: Charcoal accounts for 70% of energy
Fact: Poverty is Directly Linked to Deforestation
  Charcoal accounts for 70% of energy in Haiti
Today only 1.4% of Haiti's land remains forested