National Park "LaVisite"

Morne La Visite, La Selle Mountains, to the limit of Chevalsur departments in the southeast and West. (See maps)

Access and Restrictions

This area is accessed from a track at Furcy, which is now impassable, and from Marigot in Fond Jean Noel Macary or two secondary roads, which have recently been rehabilitated. The exact boundaries of the Park are defined by the Ministry of Environment.

National and Regional Significance

One of the last forests in the country, National Park contains the birth of many rivers and is an eco-critical system for irrigation and the regeneration of ground lung aquifers. Any damage to this area will inevitably be felt in Macary, Fond Jean Noel, and even the coast of Marigot and Cayes Jacmel.

International Significance

The park is a World Heritage Site with many endemic species of fauna and flora that are the concern of many researchers from universities throughout the world.


The timber that has been "allowed" to remain in the Park is less than 40 years old. Logging is now prohibited. Besides serving as an ecotourism destination, the potential of the region includes the agricultural production of fruits, flowers, honey, and bamboo

Access Furcy – Seguin

As the name suggests, this stretch of road (20 km) lies between the village in the municipality of Furcy Kenskoff and the village of Seguin in the Massif de la Selle. It offers magnificent views, and the Plateau de Seguin joins the road to Marigot on one side and Belle Anse on the other. Photo Credit: Daniel Morel


During 2000, the State undertook the improvement of what was a mountain path used by farmers who brought their produce from Seguin to the market in Kenskoff. However, the work was never completed. The lack of drainage and soil conservation has made this road impassable and even dangerous.


Once improved at strategic points, this road will provide scenic and fast access to the park for nature lovers. It will also provide a less stressful link to markets for farmers wishing to sell their produce.

  Location: Haiti
  Cause: Poverty is directly linked to Deforestation
  Charcoal accounts for 70% of energy in Haiti
Today only 1.4% of Haiti's land remains forested