The idea of ecotourism in the Seguin area is to promote sustainability. Most importantly, it is an important model of improving the local economy and preserving our natural treasures.

In spite of obvious challenges, one of Haiti strongest asset remains its great potential for tourism, especially eco tourism. It's pristine natural setting and wildlife hold the key to promote sustainability in the region while improving the local economy. However, some visible changes need to be supported to effectively make plan for boosting eco tourism in Haiti.

The Positive Picture
Haiti is home to over 6,000 species of plants, 35% of which are endemic. It also possesses over 600 different species of orchids and 220 species of birds including the Trogon and the Vervain hummingbird, which is considered as the smallest of all bird species in the world.

Its diverse topography presents an unusual diversity of plant and bird species. From towering mountain ranges and dense forests to pristine beaches and beautiful coral reefs, Haiti is indeed a tourist's paradise! Added to that is the cultural richness of the country, which reflects a perfect amalgamation of the music, art and history of the neighboring North and South Americas, which further makes this beautiful country worth a visit.
Haiti is spotted with unique eco-attractions, which are both unusual and marketable. Take for instance the Hispaniola's mountains, which are the highest in the Caribbean. These are speckled with dense pine forests, peaks, unexplored limestone caves, waterfalls and meadows blooming with numerous varieties of wild flowers. Haiti's beaches have a reputation of their own. With lofty peaks in the back drop and coral reef system along the shoreline, Haiti's beaches do solicit a tourist's attention. That's not all! There are several deserts that are home to some of the rarest species of cacti found around the world. The two national parks in Haiti,namely Macaya and La visite have been established with a view to conserve the country's natural flora and fauna and sustain its natural mountain ecosystem.

Fondation Seguin has been endeavoring to promote eco tourism in Haiti and has been very active in adding value to this a rich experience of the country's diverse flora and fauna and marine bio diversity. It has been uniting the goals of environmental conservation with the development of communities and sustainable travel in line with the following principles:
  • Minimizing environmental impact
  • Building environmental and cultural awareness and respect
  • Providing positive experiences for both visitors and hosts
  • Providing direct financial benefits for conservation
  • Providing empowerment to the local people
  • Raising sensitivity about the country's political, environmental, and social climate
Please join us to help Haiti look forward to a better, greener tomorrow!
  Location: Haiti
  Cause: Charcoal accounts for 70% of energy
Effect: Poverty is Directly Linked to Deforestation
  Charcoal accounts for 70% of energy in Haiti
Today only 1.4% of Haiti's land remains forested