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Working for a green sustainable Haiti

Fondation Seguin is a group of young professionals and business people in Haiti who are dedicated to preserving the natural resources of our country.

There are many natural sites in Haiti. Seguin Park is one of many parks which contains unique fauna and flora, mountains, cool waterfalls, and lush tropical vegetation. Read more about our Areas of Intervention. Learn more

The progressive, destructive, and frightening deterioration of Haiti's natural areas has profoundly troubled us, and we have felt the need to do something about it.
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We have partnered with several innovative companies who have created ecologically sound products that are safer for Haitians.. Learn more


  • Help us fight deforestation and protect our beautiful wildlife! You can help us preserve and restore Haiti in a number of ways.

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  • Donate to revatilize the regional economy and educate the population about how to preserve Haiti's vital natural resources. The need to improve existing practices is imperative to insure long term progress.

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